Consider Sponsoring One Of These Animals

Mad Eye Moody


Mad Eye Moody and Hedwig arrived together but have been adopted separately.  She is visually impaired in the right eye and needs a special home. She is looking for a quiet home with someone who will just hang out and watch her play with her toys and in her dust bath.

 She is available for adoption. 



Our lovely Stella Belle is just looking for someone who will give her a chance.  Her previous owners moved away and left her behind but some wonderful neighbors took her in and cared for her until we had space.  Her favorite past time is sitting in the rocking chair and surveying her surroundings.  She would love a home with a window to look out of and a comfy seat.

  She is available for adoption.  



Yukina was rescued by county facility but unfortunately they were unequipped to care for cats so she came to OPS. She is very sweet and LOVES to eat and be pet at the same time. She is a beautiful long haired girl who requires a lot of brushing but luckily she enjoys all attention.

 She is available for adoption.   



 Adah arrived with another kitten named Adonis in August of 2018 at  8 weeks old.  They were abandoned in a carrier at the front door while the facility was closed.  On arrival she could barely wiggle her back toes.  An x-ray showed that her spine was crushed.  She still cannot urinate or defecate without help but with a lot of physical therapy is now able to partially walk again.  She is available for sponsor only. 



Cheese came to us missing some toes and not being fully shed so it caused some sores on the feet. You can hold cheese but [s]he doesn't really care for it. [S]he enjoys hanging out in a warm place and just being admired from afar.

  [S]he  requires an experienced reptile parent. 



 Killer is a 50-60 year old orange wing amazon of unknown sex.  [S]he is not hand tame and does not speak English.  [S]he has a slightly deformed foot and some nutritional problems.  [S]he loves to honk, scream, and rile up the other birds.   [S]he  requires an experienced bird parent.



China is a friendly but shy chinchilla.  She has a permanent head tilt from an unknown cause and we suspect she is blind in the left eye. She enjoys rolling around in her dust bath and especially enjoys chewing on some delicious apple sticks!

She is available for adoption. 



Fifi is a very sweet girl whose family ran into some personal issues and was no longer able to keep her. She has a prolapsed rectum and probable hemorrhoids but is still very loving even though she has to get medicine applied to her bottom everyday. 

She is available for adoption as a special needs bunny



Chipper is our lonely Degu who came to us with 9 gerbils and 6 rats, after their owner passed away. Chipper is a very talkative and sweet little girl. The only two things chipper is missing is part of her tail and a big colony of degus to family with!

 She is available for adoption 

Our Adoption Process

 ♥ Our adoption application is not available online.
♥ If you are interested in an animal, you must come to our facility and meet it first.

 ♥ We will ask you some questions to see if we feel like the home you are offering is right for that animal.  

  ♥ If it sounds like a good home, we will offer you an adoption application. 

♥ You will need to bring a valid state-issued photo ID for us to check your identity
♥ If your application is approved, you must pay the adoption fee up front and you may take your new family member home the same day. 

Sponsor an Animal

 If you would like to sponsor any of these wonderful animals, please click below. 

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Additional Ways to Help

Cans for Critters


 Things we recycle that you can contribute:

  • Cans for the Cans for Critters drive
  • Shredded paper
  • Cat food cardboard flats
  • Toilet paper tubes.

 If you are interested in helping our recycling initiative or have a question, please contact us via email at

Help Us Make A Change


 Our Change Jar

We outgrew our current facility within our first 3 months.  We are collecting spare change from your car seats, couch... or wherever!  Our change jar is located in the front of the facility and ready for you to help us earn the building of our dreams.

The Big Finish!


 Our goal is to expand from our current 3,000 SqFt  to a minimum 10,000 SqFt!

This expansion will all us to QUADRUPLE our animal capacity.  We also would like to include a low-cost spay/neuter clinic and add dogs to the list of animals we will be able to help.  This is a HUGE goal but we have faith that it will happen!

Items Needed

 Some of the items they need are:

​Cat Litter

Laundry Soap
Timothy Hay

Hand Sanitizer

Cat/Kitten food

Kroger/Grocery Gift Cards

Dishwasher Tabs

Rabbit/Guinea Pig Food
Toilet Paper
Turkey or Chicken Baby food

Other Donations

 Unable to Drop Off Items?

Click the "Donate" button to give a monetary gift.

Please also consider visiting our Amazon wish list to contribute supplies we need. 

Please note donations are not tax deductible.



Our shop (which is integrated into the  shelter) is our primary source of rasising the money we need to provided shelter, food, medical attention, and nurturing to the animals in our care. We want people to feel good abouth purchasing supplies for their pets because they can see the animals their purchase is helping. 

Unable to drop off item?

Your generous support allows to feed, house, and provide medical treatment to our adoptees.

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