We have exciting news! Up to this point, whenever we take animals to adoption events (festivals, locations, local events) we had to play Tetris with transport carriers in a 14-year-old Corrolla sans air conditioning. The animals would arrive hot, stressed, and uncomfortable. Thanks to Laurie's generosity and Kayle's amazing heart, we now have a van. It is older and does require some work. but we are EXTREMELY EXCITED to make it our own. Thank you to all who took part in the contest to name it.

The Next Phase

Next, we begin converting and rehabbing the van to fit our needs. This is where we rely on your generosity. We are asking businesses and individuals to sponsor the van. If you are interested in helping, please select from the options below. Any money raised in excess of the needs to repair the van will go to the New Building Fund. 

Thank you!




  • $25 donation - certificate of gratitude from animals

  • $50 or higher donation - your name will appear on the finished Crittermobile


  • $100 donation - Your (up to) 3"x11" company name will appear on the finished Crittermobile
  • $250 or higher donation - Your 8"x10" (full-color) logo will appear on the finished Crittermobile
  • Larger sponsorships for a larger logo are negotiable.  Contact Madison at 513.388.9998 for more information.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated. We regret that your generosity is not tax deductible.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card